Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Dear Tremendo Time Readers,

You thought I stopped doing this.

You thought I came to my senses.

You thought I snapped back into reality to finally realize that the film geek dream is dead.

You thought .. WRONG

It's been a while since we last talked and I apologize for keeping you away from your portly masked addiction - namely, your internets pal and movie mentor EL TREMENDO!

This month on Tremendo Time, I will be examining unholy holly, unnatural nativities, pumpkin dies, and X-mas stalkings: Holiday-Themed Horror Movies all December long.

I hope you can pull yourself away long enough from watching that welp Charlie Brown, basting yule-meat, and shopping for ridiculous junk for people who hate you to visit the blog you may have forgotten during this busy time.

We got Satanic Santas, vengeful firs, unstable fruitcakes, and plenty of bad cheer to spread around. And I hope you can stop by and share a mug of turned eggnog with your old film geek pal.

May your holidays - whatever they may be - be happy, may you and your loved ones prosper, and may you all bow down to the Power of Christ with a Credit Card.

Smelly Cheez-mutts!

Thanks for reading,

-EL T.

P.S. As you can see, the blog is hardly decked out in holiday regalia but will be once I get the logo finished and some other minor details like actually finishing the first movie to be reviewed.

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Anonymous said...

Don't fuck it up like you did Zombie month. Putz