Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tremendo's Back, It's Halloween, One Horrific Month, A Scary Movie A Day, and Tremendo's Back!

Dearest Fans,

El Tremendo is back after a long absence and bring you a celebration of the greatest month of the year:




Damn, I'm rusty. Anyway, your pal the Film Geek Icon has returned with a promise to fill your October with a horror movie review a day for the next 31 days with his version ofThe 31 Days of Halloween. Tremendo-Style!

Starting tomorrow, I vow to watch and review a scary movie a day. In addition to local cinematic offerings, I scoured my Netflix queue and moved up 31 movies at random to be included in the round-up. So prepare yourself for random movie crapitude of creepily inept proportions.

It's nice to be back and I hope you drop in each day to feast on the haunting wackiness. Please leave comments!!!

Trikee-trikee, it's Halloween!