Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The Eighties. Ten years of bad clothes, worse politics, and some of the worst music ever. The general consensus among my compatriots is the quality of the pop culture from this era pretty much sucked. But were the movies of this glorious decade of my adolescence really so bad? Did the 80s really mark the beginning of the end for cinema ushering an age of commercialized, cross-marketed, brain-dead Hollywood fluff?

Did this period really denigrate the the heights of filmmaking achievement like so many film snobs like to argue?

Did a dearth of film as art really kill the progress attained from the prior decade where we witnessed the rise of the American auteur, the flourishing of Third World Cinema, and the emergence of a Silver Age of Movie Magic?

Yeah, pretty much would say said high-collared pastel-shirted film snob. But I will attempt to prove them wrong and dig up some movie gems from the pastel-pants-wearing Reagan Era.

This month, Tremendo Time features a trip back to the era of Golden Age Michael Jackson, absent-minded actor-presidents, sweater-based sitcoms, bearable Madonna, pre-conspiratorial Oliver Stone, comic book conventions centered on actual comic books, and my long-lost innocence. Yes, August is 80s movies on Tremendo Time. I'll be catching up with some of the very few movies I missed in the 80s including horror, sci-fi, thrillers, dramas, comedies, chick-flicks, and maybe an Oscar winner or two. Stay tuned!

P.S. Although it totally feels like an 80s movie, I couldn't actually include Stay Tuned (1991).

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