Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Puppet Show and Film Geek Primer

I can't believe that people actually take time to email me complaining about the irregularity of our FGP output lately, let alone actually read this blog. So let me take this opportunity to clarify our current situation and address the flurry of questions that have bombarded the LDT inbox:

  • Yes, FGP still exists.

  • Yes, there will be more episodes soon.

  • No, Santo is straight.

And now, reader mail...

Mary in Tucson, AZ writes:

"Dear El Tremendo,

I am strangely aroused by your mask. Tell me, why do you wear it? And tell me further, what lies beneath that colorful facade, obviously purchased at some low-rent taco stand?"

Ha-ha. Thanks for the question, but mostly thanks for the arousal. My mask symbolizes the border between absurdity and reality, a fully conscious statement on the nature of film and art meant to suggest connections between sometimes contradictory domains: Hollywood and independent, tradition and modernity, ritual and parody. Further, Mary, by donning the mask I intend to invoke the phenomenon of "social wrestlers," men and women who dress as masked wrestlers to advocate for political causes, in this case the calling out of bad movies, the punishment of terrible food, and the eradication of doucheness.

Ahh. Who am I kidding? I just love them Masked Wrassler Moovies. Kuh-hyuk!

Mary even included a pic that I'm a little hesitant to post. FOUR carrots? Eww.

Next e-mail...from VoteQuimby in Victorville, CA:

"El Tremendo,

You had some amazing broads in that Russ Meyer episode of Film Geek Primer. Will we see more babes guest-star in your silly little Podcast?"

I dunno. Does your Mom count?

And lastly, from my X-box Live Arena comes this missive from SlutBanger001:

"EL T -


Um, yes.

Keep the letters coming. Email me at el.tremendo3000@gmail.com.

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