Friday, October 5, 2007

Dish on FGP: Geek Ambush!

Posted Oct 5th 2007 2:02PM by LDT STAFF
Filed Under: Santo Snaps

After weeks of litigation and Criterion DVD bribes, LDT is finally able to release this video of Film Geek Primer's guru Santo ambushed at his luxurious Hollywood condo, which I easily broke into. After camping out in a spare room, I caught him coming out of the can to ask some crucial questions about the issues of the day. Instead of greeting me with open arms and a Ding Dong, Santo unleashed the vicious geek that seethes beneath his brainy nerd God facade. Who does this Z-list Podcast celebrity he think he is? Cisco Jenner? Brody Whozits? The Homina-Homina twins?

You'll only catch this exclusive video right here*, courtesy of Yours Truly, EL TREMENDO.

*Rejected by TMZ

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