Thursday, October 25, 2007


My dear listeners and only friends,

Tomorrow, October 26th, marks the anniversary of the first appearance of EL TREMENDO in the modern world. Previously, I was restricted to appearing during the Golden Age of Ballooning and in random tortillas around Nogales, Arizona.

So in celebration of the birth of EL TREMENDO, the amazing sagely chronicler and fellow film geek Schu has allowed LDT to bring you this exclusive:

The Biography of EL TREMENDO: Chapter One!

I expect it to be brilliant. I expect it to be glorious. I expect it to be in English.

So be sure to come by the old EL T website and catch a glimpse of the mystery that is Me.

Oh, and it's also the birthday of one of my worthless personal assistants, Personal Assistant X, who apparently thinks my blog will win him a date. Useless, Target-shirt-buying, non-mask wearing pukehead.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Phil Collins & Phil Bailey, isn't yor birthday around this time? if so - Happy Birthday mothafucka! - yeah.