Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Viewer Mail ... Ugh

I received this in my email last night:

Greetings from the Seattle Chapter of the FGP Fan Club!

From left to right: Jeff “Doesn’t Believe in Frank Oz” Spankmeister (President), Bobby "Wants to Slay Michael Bay" Meriwether (Treasurer), Jerrold “Pig-Eyed Sack of Shit” Durkheim, Butch "Liked Death Proof" Groves (he’s special), Bill Gates, Monty “Bratz #1” Franklin (Vice President), Kwan-Joe (Illegal Downloader), Chuck "Prefers Beta Over Blu-ray" Schnebly, and Darren “Diddles Himself” Knockwurth (Schu Historian). We love you guys! You make us laugh! We're having a Uwe Boll marathon with cake and punch party next (DELETED BY EDITOR).

Christ, not a looker among ‘em. Losers.

On that note, I’ll be away from my blog for the next week as I will be on vacation. I may share a picture or two from one of my fabulous destinations.

One of my worthless personal assistants, either the dorky dude or the airhead chick, will be posting for me. Please report any malfeasance or backtalk to me immediately.

And quit sending me pictures of dorks!

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