Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Dish on FGP

My guess is that you’ve spent your entire Sunday morning wondering what’s going on with the Film Geek Primer (aka FGP). Yes, you have. Don’t argue with me!

We haven’t posted an episode in nearly two weeks and there are a variety of reasons for this. Some of us are being consumed by our day job, some of us are producing a highly entertaining and crotch-rubbingly funny blog, while the other somes of us are eating French fries and watching downloaded Painkiller Janes. Yes, it’s a rich life in the FGP.

Luckily, I am in close contact with the FGP gang and know their cell phone numbers. And their mother’s cell phone numbers. Here are actual quotes from my 6:30 AM phone check-in this morning:

  • Santo: “Mom?”
  • Dub: “Film Geek Whater???”
  • Schu: “You’ve reached Schu’s bleeplin’ answering machine, you bleep.” (He actually said “Bleep”)

So, I am beginning a weekly “Dish on FGP” segment on the blog, bringing you, my dear readers the inside scoop into the minds of the FGP brain trust. Think of “Dish on FGP” as the “TMZ of FGP”. That’ll butter your Saltines!

Here are some juicy bits of gossip my worthless personal assistants/spies were able to gleam:

  • Schu not only collects Godzilla toys, he also collects Ultraman figures! Amazing!
  • Dub once bought two Wendy’s Frosties but was only charged for one. AND they were large Frosties, and the cashier rang them up as small. AND he never told her! Shocking!
  • Santo can’t get enough of them cashews! Salty!

The reality is that we are hard at work scheduling the next two to three months of production in order to bring you quality entertainment and enlightening information about Film Geekery. We are writing, planning, rehearsing, and recruiting to get out your bimonthly fix of the Film Geek Primer.

And we do it because we know you want to see the best FGP has to offer cinema enthusiasts and because we are cool and you want to be like us and because we’re your favorite video podcast.

Quit arguing with me!

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! You don't rehearse!!