Monday, August 27, 2007

An Artifact from the Past

Over the weekend, one of my worthless personal assistants dug up this little gem while cleaning my house. Earlier in the day, I forced asked them to create some room on my ol' Northstar PC (I know, sweet) where I write this very 'Blog' for you all. He or she found this file, a film treatment written during LATE TEEN EL TREMENDO's college days.

This document is what we term in the industry as a "treatment", a crucial stage in the screenwriting process.
A film treatment gets into the meat of the story, and is an expansion of the 'pitch' or 'outline' of the what will eventually end up on the big screen. It will guide the director in creating his/her 'step outline' which details how he/she will apply his/her style to the telling of the story. At the step outline phase, the writer and director will either converge or diverge in terms of style and storytelling. Good film treatments read like a short story and there are two basic types: the original draft treatment which the screenwriter writes when he/she is laying out the story; and the presentation treatment, which is presented to the producer, director etc. The presentation treatment goes into things like character development, themes, and subtext.

So anyway, here's my film treatment for something called The Gardener which I wrote for a film writing class I don't even remember attending.

Enjoy. Or else.

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