Sunday, August 19, 2007


Welcome to the first installment of EL TREMENDO’s web diary journal writing thing. Or as they say in the internets, the Blog. I am EL TREMENDO, and I am 1/4th the team that puts together the wide world web sensation that is the Film Geek Primer (aka FGP).

FGP is about four film-loving enthusiasts who “train” the unschooled movie fan on how to spot, act like, and become a film geek. Each episode is about a specific topic that we outline, wisecrack, and display our utter brilliance (and incompetence) explaining. But don’t let my shilling cloud your judgment, check out FGP for yourself.

Back to Me. Fun facts about ‘Locuras Del Tremendo’.

This blog will be daily. This blog will have pictures. This blog will not be boring. This blog will occasionally feature answers to viewer mail, mild to graphic nudity (God willing), and all varieties of curse words. (Naughty!) This blog will dish the latest news on the FGP gang: their mastery of film language, their fascinating insights into the world of art and entertainment, and their arrest records. This blog will talk about movies, sometimes TV, and occasionally boobies (God willing). And most importantly, this blog will detail the misadventures, the tragedies, and the triumphs of a mysterious film-loving man in a mask. He’s your buddy, he’s your pal, he’s your EL TREMENDO. Let’s start out today’s episode with some musings on myself and why the Holy Hell I’m doing this.


What do those two words mean? Easy. ‘El’ is the Spanish equivalent of the English word for the definite article ‘The’. ‘Tremendo’ is a made-up word describing the overwhelming feeling of transcending joy one experiences while hearing an incredible film score or viewing an awesome shot, the tears that roll down your cheek after an emotional epiphany on film, the laughter that roars like thunder after a finely timed comedic sequence, and the chocolately goodness that is a Ding Dong. Yum yum.

Together the two words form the crux of awesomeness that is EL TREMENDO. Your familiar candle in a dark unknown room. Your homeward beacon in a furious storm. Your Reese’s Pieces caught between your toes. Yes, humor comes in threes.

Basically, I like the movies. I like them Hollywood/ foreign, corny/intellectual, low-brow/elitist, dubbed/subtitled, classic/modern, realistic/absurd, geeky/cool, enlightening/stupefying, escapist/down-to-earth, independent/corporate, bad/good. And this here blog will touch upon all aspects of my love/hate relationship with the movies.

But I haven’t always been EL TREMENDO. Yes, believe it or not, I was once TEEN EL TREMENDO, and before that LITTLE EL TREMENDO. Out of respect for my mother, MA TREMENDO, I won’t go into the adventures of FETUS EL TREMENDO. In future episodes I intend to not only muse on the happenings of the day, comment on recent film offerings, but also lay out the foundation of the EL TREMENDO biography that will entertain, bring joy, and usher nausea to my dead dear readers.

OK. So that’s enough for now. I’m going to post this and shortly follow up with an entry on Tuesday, August 21st.

Until then, stay Tremendous.

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