Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dish on FGP: High Schu Musical?

Posted Sep 11th 2007 09:30AM by LDT Staff
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Dateline: The Desert Wastelands of Southern Arizona.

Following a disastrous encounter last week, the LDT photogs were on the loose again and ran into FilmGeekPrimer.com's Schu, only this time we found him basking in the radioactive sunlight at the infamous Winking Kitty Ranch.

Taking a break from beating paparazzi to near-death, Schu relaxed in the sun with his geeky little Mac laptop. What are you writing, Schu? Your next bitter rant on FGP or an essay on $500 shirts?

Our staff quickly exited the scene after he threatened to knock the laptop against their heads. What a HACK-er!

Later that night, our pooped-out paps found Schu sitting outside munching on some 'funny' looking brownies:

Our man in the desert was unable to properly identify the substance being consumed, but he later spotted Schu dancing naked and rubbing up against various cacti. Where are those photos you may ask? Keep reading.

The next day, the DOFGP photogs raced down the mountain following Schu in his sweet ride, a 1990 Honda Accord, to downtown Tucson where they caught him ducking into this karaoke bar.

He wilded the night way sipping Diet RC and cozying with two lovely ladies, who were seemingly oblivious to the toxic levels of geekery they were being exposed to.

Later, the 'funny' brownies made an appearance once again and Schu took the karaoke microphone and whaled away at tunes such as "Forever in Blue Jeans", "Love is Like Oxygen", and a hideously embarrassing rendition of "Natural Woman".

Unfortunately, these are the only photos we were allowed to post. This morning we were served with papers from lawyers banning the publication of Schu's druggy desert waltzing, karaoke bar parking lot antics, and after-party hook-ups.

They weren't Schu's lawyers; they just didn't want to see Schu shagging a Saguaro. Geeks gone wild indeed!


Anonymous said...

If memory serves me, it was Indian fry bread laced with peyote and powder sugar

Anonymous said...

If Schu got any needles from the cacti in his hands, he could brush his fingers through his hair to get them out, OOPS, he doesn't have any hair.